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Zooming in: A field inquiry to learn about differentiated practices for sustainable livestock farming in Ecuador


Tracing National Climate Policy Implementation from Policy Documents using NLP

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Season's Greetings from the GIZ Data Lab Team

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Detecting human settlements from satellite images using computer vision

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Diving deeper into SDG 11: Discovering public and green spaces in urban environments


Deforestation, Cows, and Data: Data Powered Positive Deviance Pilot in Ecuador’s Amazon

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Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable: Tracking SDG 11 with alternative data

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Identifying Safe(r) Public Spaces for Women in Mexico City

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Searching for Positive Deviants Among Cultivators of Rainfed Crops in Niger

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Rangelands Defying the Odds: A Data Powered Positive Deviance Inquiry in Somalia

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Digitization of paper-based surveys: Collaborating with the Sustainable Rice Platform projects


Data in fragile contexts – Enhancing context monitoring in Anbar

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Using Data to Shed Light on the Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence in Mexico

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Positive Deviance: Positive Outliers Matter

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Looking for what makes the difference:
An Interview with Catherine Vogel & Andreas Glücker


Diving into data at the AI@Sustainability Hackathon


Positividade* and data against COVID-19: Description of a Python-based model prototype


Big Data & Labor Markets - Taking First Steps

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How can Positive Deviance and Big Data be a set up for a Date?

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Positive Deviance:
A Data-Powered Approach to the Covid-19 Response