The GIZ Data Lab:
Working Collaboratively to Fuel Innovative, Data-Driven Development

Who we are:

Founded in January 2019 as part of the Sectoral Department, the GIZ Data Lab works on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) to harness the benefits of new data sources and data-related technologies. Rather than generating new data, our central focus is the synthesis and analysis of data from existing sources - such as satellites, mobile phones, and administrative initiatives - for the express purpose of encouraging its effective, fair, and responsible use in sustainable development. 

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Vanessa Hochwald

Tech & Gender Specialist

Teresa Kroesen

Data Scientist

Robin Nowok

Climate Specialist

Teammitglied 4 Teammitglied 5 Teammitglied 6

Catherine Vogel

Lab Coordination

Elias Heppner

Head Of Support

Tobias-Jorge Kunde

Head Of Support

What drives us:

The GIZ Data Lab conducts experiments in the field of Data for Development (D4D), testing concrete hypotheses about creative, data-driven solutions and sharing relevant insights with the international development community. Our experiments are:

  • Limited in both time and scope
  • Developed within a clearly defined innovation framework
  • Continuously reviewed at crucial decision points
  • Modified as needed, according to the assessment of our central partners and team

What drives our mission:

In an increasingly digitized world, we believe that non-traditional data sources carry great potential for improving our collective approach to development. At the same time, the use of new data sources and analytical techniques raises crucial questions about ethics and privacy.

Our experiments aim to develop and test cooperative, data-based methods while striking an appropriate balance between what is possible and what is ethical. With a strong focus on learning and a philosophy of “Working Out Loud: Continuously,” we seek to share our experiences and discoveries as a valuable contribution to the overall evolution of the industry, working with partners who share our values of collaboration and transparency.