At the GIZ Data Lab we firmly believe that partnering is key. As an integral part of our work we engage with some of the most renowned actors in the data innovation space to co-design and implement initiatives, benefit from each other's strengths and thus, 


can have a bigger impact than each of us would be able to achieve individually. Below we list some of the partners with whom we have worked closely over the past months. Many others have contributed to the experiments, the design and overall work of the GIZ Data Lab.

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AAPTI operates at the juncture of technology and society, crafting solutions aimed at amplifying societal impact, fostering justice, and promoting equity. The institute engages in extensive research, devises innovative solutions, and integrates them into policies and organizational frameworks to ensure widespread adoption and scalability.


THE UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNDP) ACCELERATOR LABS are the world’s largest and fastest learning network on sustainable development challenges. The network is composed of 92 Labs covering 116 countries embedded in UNDP country offices. The objective of this network is to bring forward actionable insights and  reimagine, with policymakers, local communities and social innovators, sustainable development for the 21st century.


CENTRE FOR DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT is part of the University of Manchester’s renowned Global Development Institute. As a multidisciplinary centre it is researching the role of information and communication technologies in socio-economic development.

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DATA-POP ALLIANCE is a collaborative laboratory of researchers, experts, practitioners, policymakers, and activists created in 2013 out of MIT, Harvard and ODI. They aim at changing the world with data through three pillars of work: diagnosing local realities and human problems with data and AI; mobilizing capacities, communities, and ideas towards more data literate societies; and, ultimately, transforming the systems and processes that underpin our communities and societies.

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Data2X, a civil society organization and gender data alliance, collaborates with partners to improve gender data through strategic partnerships, research, and advocacy. Its core strength lies in convening stakeholders and driving global initiatives to address gender data gaps, contributing to data equality.


&EFFECT aims to make data science an integral part of public and social sector decision-making, advocating for data at the service of the public good. They create data products for more effective decision-making at the intersection of social science, data science, and software development.

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EVERWAVE is committed to clearing rivers of plastic waste, thereby safeguarding our oceans with a comprehensive approach. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and ecological mindfulness, Everwave employs artificial intelligence to efficiently identify and analyze waste during clean-up operations.

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HUGGING FACE is a machine learning and data science platform and community that helps users build, deploy and train machine learning models. It provides the infrastructure to demo, run and deploy artificial intelligence in live applications.