Data Feminism Session 3 - Beyond the Gaps: Data-Feminist Approaches

P1 Understand

January 25, 2023
Tal Barak, Lea Voigt

The Data Feminism Series, developed by the GIZ Data Lab with the Data Pop Alliance, aims to inspire and provide you with key applicable insights on Data Feminism by featuring diverse renowned experts from various sectors and working at multiple levels. This session was co-hosted by the GIZ competence centre working on Gender at our sectoral department, who have been working on gender data for many years.  

In the third out of four events of the Data Feminism Series, taking place on January 17, we could learn from three outstanding thought leaders which have shaped the discussion on gender data: the Data-Pop Alliance (DPA), Data2X and the Aapti Institute. Each of them focusing on a different aspect of gender data, they shared their insights on their efforts to close data gaps and harness gender data to for evidence-based policymaking and impact – moving from gaps to data as a tool for solutions, advocacy, and empowerment.