The Pilots Safer public spaces for women in Mexico City Communities in Somalia that preserve their rangelands despite frequent droughts Farmers who achieve higher than expected rice productivity in Indonesia Cattle farmers in Ecuador who deforest less than their peers To test refine and document the DPPD method the network initiated a number of pilots covering a variety of domains countries data sources and types and scales see Figure 1 and Table 3 A core group was responsible for developing and revising conceptual frameworks tools and techniques to gradually refine the DPPD method as the pilots progressed The implementation of the method was led by in country practitioner teams that brought together domain and technical specialists who worked closely with the core team Districts in Germany that are better able to contain the spread of COVID 19 infections Publication outperformance among Egyptian researchers Farmers who achieve higher than expected cereal crop productivity in Niger Figure1 Map of DPPD projects 15 16

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