117 118 Photo credits Title Page Geometric shapes lie across the emptiness of the Sahara Desert in southern Egypt Sahara Desert 2020 Photograpger USGS Page 5 Shepperd Photographer Gueli54 Canva Page 8 Rice fields and farming Photographer ArtRachen01 Canva Page 10 Women working in rice field Photographer Langdu Canva Page 23 Overloaded motorcycle sidecar Photographer Onfilm Canva Page 36 People in red and white boats on water Photographer Alesia Kozek Canva Page 54 Lives of Burmese women Myanmar 2019 Photographer Sippakorn Yamkasikorn Page 67 From a naming brainstorm at a talk United States 2017 Photographer Patrick Perkins Page 73 Shadow player Photographer Jan Mohammad Shaikh Canva Page 75 A Myanmar mom carry her kid Myanmar 2019 Photographer Sippakorn Yamkasikorn Page 82 Cattle grazing Norway 2021 Photographer Daniel J Schwarz Page 89 Person writing Photographer Rattanakun Canva Page 93 Web developer Photographer Oatawa Canva Page 100 People gardening Slovenia 2017 Photographer Daniel Funes Fuentes Page 107 A real photography of boats on river surrounded by desert Photographer Pok Rie Canva Page 111 Mexican carrot worker Edinburg Texas 1939 Photographer Lee Russell Page 115 Rainforest surrounded by fog Photographer David Riaño Cortés Contact Catherine Vogel GIZ Data Lab catherine vogel giz de Jeremy Boy UNDP Accelerator Labs jeremy boy undp org Basma Albanna University of Manchester basma albanna manchester ac uk Website https www datapoweredpd org

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