The Portfolios of Options Green Paper of Chôra Foundation provides comprehensive guidance on how to design for and enable system transformation The UNDP Accelerator Labs team have put together a set of Collective Intelligence resources for organizations to understand complex problems make better decisions and find new solutions What policy areas do you want to address These can be at different levels from local to national and address different domains and sector specific policies Who should you engage with to develop and implement the policies As mentioned in Stage 1 see if you can involve such policy level stakeholders from the start of the project How will you go about feeding the project findings into policies Activities can range from meetings with policymakers to present the project findings and suggested policy changes to working with NGOs to formulate and advocate for changes in policy 1 2 3 Policy interventions will benefit from different ways of scaling such as scaling up and scaling initial conditions see Figure 10 Community interventions will likely scale out by replicating positively deviant practices Given the complexity of most of the challenges DPPD will be applied to and the range of behavioral contextual and other factors that need to be addressed for an intervention to be successful it might make sense to employ systems thinking collective intelligence and experimentation for conceptual guidance to address multiple leverage points There is a growing number of practical resources from these fields applied to address development challenges that could be used for guidance for example A Scale Up B Scale Out C Scale Deep D Scree Scaling E Scaling Initial Conditions Impacting laws and policy Changing institutions at the level of policy rules and laws Impacting greater numbers Replication and dissemination increasing number of people or communities impacted Changing relationships cultural values and beliefs hearts and minds Impacting cultural roots Impacting infrastructure Changing access to capital data talent knowledge and networks Impacting norms expectations Legitimizing a multitude of different small and more relevant solutions Figure 10 Scaling can mean different things and different types of scaling can be effective under different conditions Community interventions will normally seek to scale out positively deviant practices to reach greater numbers of people Policy interventions would rely on scaling up to impact policy and laws and scaling local conditions to improve infrastructure The future of development https static1 squarespace com static 600eb85f87ba7b33ef93a72a t 605093f5e803792de05d6872 1615893495 123 Portfolios of Options Green Paper 16 Mar pdf Smarter together https smartertogether earth sites default files 2021 05 UNDP CI Report 1 052021 pdf Source Problematizing scale in the social sector https inwithforward com 2018 01 expanding conceptions scale within social sector 105 106

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