This section describes how the practices identified and documented in the previous stages can be scaled either through community interventions or through policy interventions Section overview Stage 4 Design and Implement Interventions Community interventions Following the same logic as the conventional Positive Deviance approach these interventions are designed to enable people to share learn and practice the identified positively deviant strategies and practices Technical Terms Policy interventions These interventions make use of the insights generated from the contextual data analysis to inform interventions beyond the replication of individual practices Scaling Scaling in the DPPD context can take on different forms Community interventions will mostly seek to scale out positively deviant practices to reach greater numbers of people Policy interventions would rely on scaling up to impact policy and laws or scaling local conditions to improve infrastructure Collective intelligence The process of a group of people working together often with the help of technology to mobilize and share information ideas and insights Data empowerment The process where people on their own or with the help of intermediaries take control of their data to promote their and their society s wellbeing 99 100

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