In this tool each guiding principle and its question will help you ensure responsible and ethical data collection when you go to the field for data collection Note that the list below is not exhaustive and should serve as starting point in developing your own context specific guiding principles and or specific questions to address them Principle Question Do no harm Diversity Consent Respect Participation Have the participants been informed in a non technical way about the study their rights to privacy and confidentiality and given their consent Have you selected your sample in a way that there is diversity and representation Are facilitators and researchers trained in interpersonal skills and intercultural awareness to adequately engage with the participants Have you engaged community members in activities that enables them to view understand and interpret data collected about them Adapted from a tool developed by Paulina Jimenez DPPD Ecuador cattle farming project What could go wrong who would be negatively impacted and how can we minimize and mitigate these risks 97 98 Tool 3 2 Responsible Data Collection

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