Performance Measurement After defining the problem and ensuring the applicability of the Data Powered Positive Deviance DPPD method comes the stage of looking for the positive deviants The first step of this stage is to establish a strategy for measuring the performance of the units of analysis in your target group Essentially those who will perform high on this measure will be your positive deviants Take the following requirements into account Digital component The DPPD method derives the performance measure from non traditional mostly digital data sources These include mobile transaction data remote sensing data social media data citizen generated data among others Figure 5 provides an overview of useful digital data sources for the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals SDGs You can use the digital data alone or in combination with other more traditional data sources like census data or ground measurements Big data for sustainable development https www un org en global issues big data for sustainable development Figure 5 Examples of digital data sources that can be used to help achieve the SDGs 55 56

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