Tool 1 4 Capabilities Assessment It can be helpful to think about how these different skills will be required for the different types of data introduced in the data sub section outcome context and behavior The tool provides a process to map existing skills and skill gaps along these three dimensions Context Behavior Outcome Do you have sufficient knowledge about the respective domain Domain knowledge Local knowledge Do you have sufficient knowledge about the local conditions Data skills Do you have the required data skills Example The ability to map identify and analyze relevant contextual data and dividing clustering the population into peer groups Example The ability to collect and analyze primary data that can uncover predictors of outperformance Example The ability to select relevant digital outcome indicators and predicting this outcome measure using contextual factors as inputs Example Knowledge about socioeconomic cultural structural and other factors that might affect outcomes Example Knowledge about the normative behaviors and practices of positive deviants existing interventions current resources challenges or constraints Example Knowledge about local factors that could influence the selection of the outcome measure Example The ability to propose domain specific contextual variables Example The ability to select the most suitable conceptual theoretical frameworks that could inform the design of the data collection tools Example The ability to choose potential proxies and variables that are highly correlated with the outcome measure 49 50

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