In the Niger agricultural project the team found that some farmers left millet stalks on their land between agricultural cycles while others sold it to livestock farming communities Keeping it on the land protects the soil from wind erosion and helps restore the organic matter which contributed to higher yields in the next cycle This gave a competitive advantage in crop production to the prior group of farmers However simply scaling this practice to all farms might lead to a shortage of fodder for livestock and pastoral communities Hence this might lead to negative consequences for communities in the wider system What could be undesirable or even harmful outcomes for the system s when scaling PD practices Is there a risk that wide adoption of a practice will lead to negative consequences beyond the positive deviants and the community target group Key questions to ask here include Positive Deviants Communities Target Group Social Systems Have an advantage over others Mostly non positive deviants without a relative advantage Systems sub systems institutions that positive deviants are embedded in or connected with Data privacy Is the data source to be used of sensitive nature e g does it contain personally identifiable information Are safeguards in place for secure data access and processing Has consent been given directly or indirectly by the data subjects to use their data To whom can the identity of positive deviants and non positive deviants be revealed if at all GIZ Responsible Data Guidelines UN Global Pulse Privacy Assessment Tool Responsible Data Handbook Ten simple rules for responsible big data research If you believe the DPPD method is suitable given the scope of your project and that you will have access to the necessary data and skills it is still important to think about the protection of privacy of individuals and communities involved Key questions to ask here include Given the next stages involve the identification of positive deviants such questions must be thought through at this point Below is a list of helpful resources on the responsible use of data The specific assessment to be performed will depend on your project scope and the data envisaged for the analysis https d nb info 1175764698 34 https www unglobalpulse org policy risk assessment https responsibledata io resources handbook https www ncbi nlm nih gov pmc articles PMC5373508 Figure 4 DPPD desirability pyramid 41 42

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