Accessibility Check if you have access to the data sets in question and if you are allowed to use them If you need to use non public data having data access agreements in place with data providers is a real asset It can take significant time to negotiate the conditions of data access The cattle farming project in Ecuador grew out of an existing partnership between the UNDP ProAmazonia project and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment This made it possible to access cattle vaccination data from the Ministry of Agriculture training datasets for land cover analysis through the Ministry of Environment and cadastral data as well as farm boundary data from the national agricultural survey through ProAmazonia Adequacy The data you are able to access and use should fit the scope of the project That means the know how needed for the analysis should be attainable and the choices of both data and skills should consider the project s time and budget limitations Achieving data adequacy can take several iterations between framing the problem scoping the project and mapping the necessary and available data until you find a fit However make sure you do not compromise the initial purpose of the project We suggest you start with a flexible framing of the development challenge you want to address This will allow you to explore different data sources to capture the performance of the target group In the Somalia rangelands project the team pivoted from trying to find drought resilient pastoral communities using their livestock numbers as outcome data to identifying them based on their ability to sustain healthy rangelands a necessary condition for them to maintain their livestock The livestock numbers were very difficult to reliably derive from available data as this required extensive and complex analytical skills On the other hand the rangeland health data was accessible and could more easily be analyzed 35 36 Sharing is caring Four key requirements for sustainable private data sharing and use for public good https www vodafone institut de wp content uploads 2019 11 DPA VFI Sharing 1 pdf

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