Positive deviants How to tell if they are positive deviants Data used Partners The choice of locations and development challenges addressed by the pilot projects was made to ensure diversity in terms of non traditional data types used such as remote sensing data mapping and cadastral geographic data as well as both proprietary and open data sources These were further complemented by a variety of traditional data sources including official statistics administrative data surveys and interviews The units of analysis were selected to cover different aggregation levels from individuals and communities up to administrative and geographical units in urban areas or villages The diversity of domains countries data and scales was important for testing the DPPD method and to gauge the breadth of its applicability Find out more about the pilots at https www datapoweredpd org projects Mexico Public spaces in Mexico Citywhere women are safe r Areas where gender based crimes and crimes with female victims are lower than expected given their population density demo graphics and socioeconomic status Mexico City open data portal 911 calls administrative data official statistics observation data cartography and semi structured interviews UNDP Mexico Accelerator Lab GIZ Mexico Project on 2030 Agenda GIZ Data Lab and University of Manchester Niger Cereal growing communitiesin Niger that achieve health ier rainfed yields despite conflict and climatic chal lenges Communities with a higher soil adjusted vegetation in dex than expected while controlling for soil preci pitation and land use Remote sensing data administrative boundary data land use data obser vation data semi structured interviews UNDP Niger Accelerator Lab GIZ PromAP Niger GIZ Data Lab and University of Manchester Somalia Pastoral communities inNorthern Somalia that are better able to preserve the health of their rangelands Communities in the same land capability class i e having similar biophysical conditions that have high vegetation productivity calc ulated using the soil adjus ted vegetation index Remote sensing data settle ment location data obser vation data focus group discussions and semi structured interviews UNDP Somalia Accelerator Lab GIZ Project on Sustain able Land Management Somalia GIZ Data Lab and University of Manchester Table 3 DPPD pilot projects 19 20

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